He sighed. It seemed hopeless. He had adjourned the game, then he and his students had analysed it for hours. No solution could be found. It seemed he would have to resign. Finally, he could no longer bear the looks of his students and had come out onto the water to find some calm, relax, and think.

How had it come to this? That he could find no move? He was the strongest player in the land! He could find no obvious mistake in the play, yet his position seemed lost. And he was so tired. The warm sun and the gentle rocking of the boat felt so good...

He dozed, and dreamed. It was the game! He was dreaming of the game. As he watched, the stones seemed to move on the board of their own will, rearranging themselves, almost as if they were trying to tell him something...

He snapped awake. Of course! There was a move! He thought about it, and about his opponent's responses. There was no counter move, he could win!

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