Nichiren sat on the beach relaxing while thinking about a Go problem. He gazed thoughtfully at the board. He had gone out in a small boat to challenge and curse the invading Mongul armada. As he had chanted, an out-of-season typhoon had struck. He had made it to shore, but much of the fleet had been destroyed. Of those ships that were left, they were still in danger of foundering in the heavy seas. The edge of the storm still raged just offshore, he could hear the wind and see an occasional flash of lightning. The danger of an invasion had passed. "The wind...," he mused. Already some of his followers back down the beach were talking about a 'Kami Kaze', a Divine Wind he had called down upon the invaders. He relaxed. He knew trying to stop such talk was useless. He contemplated the empty board. "It should be possible", he thought, "to have a Kami Kaze fuseki. With the advantage of first move, it seems reasonable that there should be an optimal way for black to play so as to just 'ride the wind' to victory, and if black played in a suboptimal way, then it should be possible for white to seize the advantage."

As he sat thus in thought, one of his followers rose from the group down the beach and approached. He did not pay much attention to the man, still thinking about how to play the opening of the Go game. The man came and stood by him. Then the man made an odd move. Nichiren glanced up. It was a Mongul! A survivor from the invading fleet! He had disguised himself and hidden among the followers! The man gave a mighty yell and brandished a sword. Before he could use it, the wind came with a howl and the lightning flashed! Nichiren watched as the man rolled along the ground before the wind, pieces of his broken sword scattered about. "Huh," he smiled inwardly at the thought, "that man's opening moves toward me certainy were not a good sequence!"

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