The 6th Cho Chikun Judan Cup 42.195 Marathon Go Championship
Cho Chikun (25th Honinbo)

Cho Chikun Judan

Popular event 42.195 Marathon Championship was well received so we organize it again this year.
You have 42 days and 19.5 hours to play your games, as many as possible (with a minimum percentage).

Cho Chikun Judan, the referee of the event always tries to spread the game of Go.

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About the tournament
official sponsor:PANDANET
special support:Japan Pair Go Association
Referee:Cho Chikun Judan
Winner:Player with most games and at least 30% winning percentage
Period : July 20th through August 31st
Registration period
Registration period :7th till 18th of July
How to register:click the green button above or below
Entry fee:free of charge
Participants:all members of IGS-PandaNet
Tournament rules
Winner is who played most (place 1 through 8 get a prize)
If two or more players are most, winner is who won most.

Only players who achieve 30% winning percentage will be considered for the final ranking.

Following games will not be counted:
  • Games not finished within the tournament period.
  • Games other than 19x19 board.
  • Games against Robots (Robots' UserID begins with "Robot").
  • Games with less than 3min/25stones byo-yomi, games with less than 7sec per moves if byo-stones aren't 25, or games with less than 30min and no byo-yomi.
  • Games with less than 40 moves.
  • No serious games, judged by the organizing committee.

Players who show bad manners will be disqualified from the tournament

Prizes and prize giving
Prize winner will be announced on the IGS-PandaNet website
All prize winners will receive a trophee and a diploma signed by Cho Chikun and receive additional prized from the Japan Pair Go Association

Weekly result updates
Every week results will be published on the PandaNet website
The final results will be published in September
The results will not be subject for any discussions

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