The 10th Cho Chikun (25th Honinbo) Cup 42.195 Marathon Go Championship

The final results

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Popular event 42.195 Marathon Championship was well received so we organize it again this year.You have 42 days and 19.5 hours to play your games, as many as possible (with a minimum percentage).
This year is the 10th anniversary of the 42.195 marathon championship and, as a special event, the Triathlon Championship will be held this year!
Enjoy the two new categories as well as the normal Marathon games!

We believe in "Health First" policy. Therefore, the playing time is limited to 5 hours a day (please refer to the details below)

Cho Chikun (25th Honinbo), the referee of the event always tries to spread the game of Go.

About the tournament

official sponsor PANDANET
special support Japan Pair Go Association
Referee Cho Chikun (25th Honinbo)
Winner Player with most games and at least 30% winning percentage
Period July 20th through August 31st (Japan time)

Tournament rules

In Marathon Go event, you compete for the number of games played in the designated period. However the following games will not be counted. Earn as many points as you can!
The player with the most points is the winner!

[Category and Date]
The first stage: Games with the world
Date:20th of July through the 2nd of August

Five points are added each time you play with a player from a new country within the above schedule.
Points are not added when you play with a player from the same country.

The second category: Handicap Games
Date: 3rd of August through the 16th of August

Two points are added each time you play a Handicap game within the above schedule.
Colors don’t matter.

The third category: Normal Games
Date:Date: 17th of August through the 31st of August

The ending time is19:30 on the August 31st. (Japan time)

One point is added each time you play a game with or without handicap stones.

*In case of a game played over two days in Japan Time, it shall be counted in the date it has started

[Invalid games]
The maximum playing-time per day is 5 hours and any game starting after this time limit will not be counted (In case of a game played over two days in Japan Time, it shall be counted in the date it has started).
A game not started within the designated period
A game which was interrupted due to disconnection by both players.
A game played on other than 19x19 board
A game played against Robot (Robots' User IDs begin with "Robot")
A game played with Professional players
A game that does not meet the following time requirements:
(1) Pandanet style at least 5 minutes for 25 moves
(2) Byoyomi style at least 20 seconds per move
(3) No Byoyomi at least 30 minutes for one game
A game with less than 40 moves
A game which Organizing Committee considered to be inappropriate
Participants with the winning percentage of 30% or more are subject to the final ranking and the winners will be decided as follows:

A player with largest points played, if the tie remains, then:
A player with better winning percentage, if the tie remains, then:
A player with larger moves (the sum of all games), if the tie remains, then:
These players are considered co-winners

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify any player who is excessively discourteous to other players.

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