1st Open Professional and Amateur
Internet World Rapid Championship

Terms of play & time allowance
  • All games are played on even, with black giving a komi of 6.5 points.
  • The time allowance is PandaNet style, that is, 1 minute plus Canadian Overtime of 25 moves/10 minutes.
  • Colors are decided at random by the Tournament Office.
Before beginning games
  • All games are to be played in the World Rapid Championship room.
  • Please log on to PandaNet ten minutes before the start of the game and wait in the World Rapid Championship room.
  • Please do not play or watch games while waiting.
  • Without fail, please be open to matches (toggle open true).
Round One, first preliminary (Game 1)
  • Pairings will be made five minutes before games start. If you are not linked to PandaNet at this point, you will forfeit your game, so please take care.
  • Pairings will be displayed on the tournament home page.
Round One, second preliminary (Game 2) ~ Final
  • Pairings will be made in advance and displayed on the tournament home page.
  • If you are not connected at the time of the game, you will forfeit the game, so please take care.
Starting games
  • When it's time to start games, they will be started automatically. Games will be started in sequence, so, depending on the number of competitors, it may take from five to ten minutes for your game to start. We hope you will understand this.
  • When you win a game by forfeit, the message 'win by forfeit' will be delivered from the Office ID 'tadm'. You can also confirm this on the tournament home page.

    * If you are playing with someone else when your tournament game is supposed to start, you will automatically resign the game, so please take care.

If games are interrupted
  • If a game is interrupted because the connection is cut, please reconnect immediately and resume your game. If you do not restart within five minutes, you will lose the game.
  • If the game is interrupted because your opponent's connection is cut, please wait without fail for the game to resume. If five minutes pass without your opponent reconnecting, you will win. If you disconnect without waiting five minutes and your opponent reconnects and waits five minutes, your opponent will win the game.
  • If one side disconnects three times, that side will lose the game.
Counting territory
  • Before passing and counting territory, please make sure you haven't omitted any necessary moves.
  • When counting territory, after all dead stones have been removed, please make sure that no living stones have been removed, then press the confirm button.
  • If unable to end the game because you disagree with the opponent about the life or death of stones or seki, etc., use conversation and send the message 'can't finish' to the office ID 'tadm'. A referee, who is a professional, will adjudicate.
  • If you happen to confirm a mistaken result, for example, forgetting to remove dead stones, please send the message 'confirmed a mistaken result' to the office ID 'tadm' within three minutes of finishing the game. A referee, who is a professional, will adjudicate.
Rules concerning participants
  • The player must be the person himself or herself. A third party must not play the game or give advice.
  • In principle, please play at home. If playing in a go club or other environment where there would be many other people in the vicinity, please contact the office in advance.
Playing etiquette
  • Please send greetings to the opponent before starting and after finishing the game.
  • Making insulting remarks about the opponent is forbidden. If this happens to you, please contact the office.
  • Please resign if your game is hopelessly lost, without prolonging it to no purpose.
  • If your opponent does not resign a game in which he or she is hopelessly behind, please keep playing without urging your opponent to resign. However, if your opponent keeps playing worthless moves so the game can't be finished, please send a message to the office ID 'tadm' saying 'my opponent won't finish'. A referee, who is a professional, will adjudicate.
Other points
  • When bad offences against etiquette or breaches of the rules are confirmed during the tournament, a player may be disqualified even after the result of the game has been confirmed.
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