glGo SGFTools

Updated to version 0.1
The content of this package is identical to the converters in PANDA-glGo 1.1.


This package contains standalone UGF to SGF and Ishi to SGF converters.

Using these converters is identical to loading an UGF or Ishi game in glGo and saving it again as SGF file, but should be more convinient to use on a collection of files. Both converters are included in the glGo distribution. This package is provided if you want it seperately without installing glGo. If you have glGo installed, you do not need this.


If you are on Windows, either use ugf2sgf or ishi2sgf from a DOS terminal; make sure the files are in your PATH.
Usage is:
ugf2sgf | ishi2sgf [-o <outfile>] <infile>
Or, much simpler, create desktop icons from ugf2sgf.exe and ishi2sgf.exe and then drag&drop .ugf/.ugi or .go files on the Desktop icon. You can also drag&drop a directory on the icon, and all .ugf/.ugi or .go files within the directory and all subdirectories will be converted in one step. Selecting ugf2sgf for .ugf/.ugi files or ishi2sgf for .go files via the "Open with" explorer popup menuitem is another possibility.
For Windows there is a package which includes the Python runtime library, otherwise - if you already have Python installed - get the Python source code which can be installed using the normal Python way: install

On Linux please install Python from your distribution, and install the source archive via " install" which will create /usr/bin/ and /usr/bin/, which you can use from a terminal. Or simply run the scripts from the directory where you unpacked the download to without installing it. I leave the fiddling how to integrate this into konqueror/nautilus/whatever to you.

Commandline usage examples:

File usage
ugf2sgf foo.ugfconverts foo.ugf to foo.sgf
ugf2sgf foo.ugf bar.ugfconverts foo.ugf to foo.sgf and bar.ugf to bar.sgf
ugf2sgf *.ugfconverts all ugf files in the current directory (same as "ugf2sgf .", see below)
ugf2sgf -o bar.sgf foo.ugfconverts foo.ugf to bar.sgf

Directory usage
ugf2sgf fooconverts all .ugf files within foo and all subdirectories of foo to <file>.sgf
ugf2sgfconverts all .ugf files in the current directory
ugf2sgf -o bar .converts all .ugf files within the current directory and subdirectories



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