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We regret to announce that the Pandanet Mail Magazine service will be terminated as of the end of June. In due course, we are planning to provide a replacement service and will give the details on this HP when they have been decided.

We regularly select two games (one for kyu players, one for advanced players) from the large number of games played on PANDANET (more than 10,000 a day) and get popular professional Go players to give easy-to-understand and enjoyable commentaries on them. We hope these commentaries will help subscribers to improve their Go strength.
These game commentaries are distributed twice month, on the 1st and 15th (three games each time). The subscription fee is 500 yen a month.
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We analyse games for you!
Tomochika Mizokami 8-dan Yoko Kuwabara 8-dan Michael Redmond 9-dan
Tomochika Mizokami 8-dan's sharply commentary Yoko Kuwabara 5-dan's smilingly commentary Michael Redmond 9-dan's Perfect commentary
Tomochika Mizokami 8-dan's Profile Yoko Inori 8-dan's Profile Michael Redmond 9-dan's Profile
Sample game commentary ( by Michael Redmond 9-dan )
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