GO Friends Report.

[ No.1 ]  The London Open
A big smile on receiving a prize for scoring seven wins one loss! Twelve-year-old Stephan Kunne, who is 13 -kyu, was absorbed in his games from morning to night. He came with his parents from Paris to take part in the tournament. His father, who is 17-kyu, also scored six wins, so the whole family was wreathed in smiles. Stephan learnt go about 18 months ago. There are go clubs in his school and in the town centre, and he plays at them every week. His target is to defeat the French youth champion Baptiste Noir (1-dan), he told me, a little shyly, though his eyes were shining. If he maintains his enthusiasm, Stephan will surely attain his goal. Asked his impressions of London, he said: 'Like Paris.'

[ No.2 ]  The London Open

Zaid Waqiyddin, who came to look at the tournament, is a Malaysian student studying in England. He learnt go in April last year and is absorbed in the game. In no time at all, he has reached his current strength of 1-kyu. Originally he was a chess player who competed in the National League, so perhaps this experience has helped him with go. 'Go is freer and has more variations. It's much more interesting than chess.' said Zaid. He's a great fan of Cho Chikun and downloads his games from the Net for study. 'I like territory and fighting' - his style also seems to resemble Cho Chikun. During his two years in England, he wants to become UK champion, then go home and challenge the Malaysian champion. Good luck, Zaid!

P.S. Don't you think Zaid and I resemble each other? Just like brother and sister!

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