GO Friends Report.

[ No.3 ]  Erding (Germany) Go Tournament
The city of Erding is about one hour away on the outskirts of Munich, a commercial city in the south of Germany famous for delicious beer and sausages. Since 7 years ago, I have been introducing all the fourth-grade pupils at the local Gymnasium (secondary school; the youngest students are 11) to go, in partnership with Karl, a member of the local go club. Something that made me very happy was having a reunion with a student in the class I taught five years ago at the Erding tournament held this month. The student is Korbinian Riepl (13-kyu), who is now 16 years old and in the 10th grade. He is now working hard as one of the organizers of the go club, arranging the pairings and making the home page. 'I want to keep playing go. I want to progress, even if only a little. My parents strongly approve, saying that go helps develop concentration.' I feel really happy every time something like this happens.

[ No.4 ]  Florence Go Club

'Every time I play go, I feel as if I am confronting myself and learning about myself, just like with judo.' These enthusiastic words were spoken by a student couple, Federica (7-kyu) and Leonardo (15-kyu), members of the Florence Go Club, who also enjoy judo and Japanese fencing. Federica learnt go first and then she taught Leonardo; this was two years ago. They are both great fans of Japan. Their dream is to become the Italian representatives in go and to travel to Japan, the country they long to visit. Leonardo, an architecture major, is also keenly interested in Japanese houses.I'm happy when people get to know Japan through various cultural fields, not just go. Federica and Leonardo are a great couple!

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