GO Friends Report.

[ No.5 ]  the Cannes Games Festival (1)
Mr. François Lapeyre (6-kyu), who was in charge of the go corner at the Cannes Games Festival, works for a regional game association. He mainly handles chess events, but at the same time he is active in go.
As the request of the game association, he has been teaching go to children for seven years; he teaches go at schools in the Cannes area four times a week.
Thirteen years ago, he lost his family in a very sad accident. It was the encounters with people through go that enabled him to overcome this tragedy; he says that the greatest source of his energy is the seeing the way children grow through go. This is tribute to the great energy concealed in go.
‘I’d like to set up a go school for children. We have to train go teachers for this, too.’
I hope that you do your best to achieve this wonderful dream.

[ No.6 ]    the Cannes Games Festival (2)

A group of good friends, Japanese schoolgirls from the Collège les Vallergues (a Japanese middle school), toured the game festival venue like a mini-typhoon, challenging various games. They were full of high spirits. It was the first time they had tried go, of course.
‘The rules are simple, but it’s interesting.’
‘Challenging new games is fantastic.’
‘This is just the kind of exciting game we were looking for.’
For about an hour, they were absorbed in 9x9 games. When I asked them what they thought of it, they gave the answers quoted above. Even when I allow for their natural diplomacy, their reaction makes me happy.
This is a photo I got my husband to take. Perhaps he was overwhelmed by the high-spirited youngsters – at any rate, it’s a little blurred. What a pity.
But I’m sure you can see what a lot of fun everyone was having!?

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