GO Friends Report.

[ No.9 ]  Interview Yuki and Aaron in Malawi

I met Yuki 12 years ago. I first met her during a tour of Costa Rica, South and Central America, which I was invited to go by my friend. Since the trip, which lasted about 10 days, we have found ourselves to be kindred spirits, and we have kept in touch even though our life style has changed.

Yuki, who is enthusiastic about promoting self-support in developing countries, started working for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 1998 after studying in London. Now, she travels around Japan, Malawi, Singapore, and so on as a consultant of international cooperation. Also, when she is in Malawi, she supports Aaron with his political activity. There is no reason especially but although we have talked about Go, we have never played Go. So, it was the first time for the 2 of them to play Go this time.

Aaron was elected as a Diet member a year ago. Even though he is very busy, he said that Go is an 'intellectual and relaxing game!' and he was consumed with the game of Go.

He also said, ` Go is wonderful in that it connects people to people and country to country.` And he thinks that as a part of Japanese culture, `Go`, is not only a game but also Go will make Japan and Malawi closer. Yuki said, too, `I’d like to introduce Go to children of Malawi.` They made me happy. Maybe, because of this opportunity, Go will become popular in Malawi!? Anyway, at the moment, they prefer to enjoy playing Go together.

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