GO Friends Report.

[ No.10 ]  The old capital of Trieste in the east of Italy
Sando (5-kyu), a high-school student who lives in the old capital of Trieste in the east of Italy, in contact with the border with Slovenia, learnt go two years ago.
What started him off on go was the comic book Hikaru no Go, which he discovered when manga, which he loves, got him interested in Japanese culture and he started studying Japanese language. He conducted this interview in fluent Japanese.
On 1 July, just about when my readers will be reading this report, Sando will be setting off for a five-week term of study in the old Japanese city of Kanazawa, which is nicknamed ‘the little Kyoto’. This is a long-cherished plan of his.
‘I can’t wait until I graduate from school and can travel everywhere on the globe I want to,’ said Sando. With a big smile on his face, he told me about his big dreams.

[ No.11 ]    The beautiful town in the Tyrol, Ischgl

Andreas and Kris met each other two years ago. It was at the go camp organized very summer by Nakayama Noriyuki Sensei in that beautiful town in the Tyrol, Ischgl.
They just happened to sit at the same table at mealtime. They immediately took a liking to each other and on the day before Kris was to go home from the summer camp Andreas invited her to go hiking. That was how their relationship started.
Five weeks later, he proposed and on 1 January this year their daughter Helia was born. Their lives couldn’t be happier.
To commemorate their first meeting, they made trainers with Nakayama Sensei’s ‘heart ladder problem’ printed on them (signed by the composer himself!).
They are looking forward to taking their daughter with them to a go tournament when they have time. They are a marvellous go family.

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