GO Friends Report.

[ No.12 ]  Giuseppe

Giuseppe is a teacher of aikido and seitai in Milan. Whenever he has any free time, he rushes over to my house on his motorcycle for go lessons.

When he was young, his aikido teacher, whom he respected a lot, recommended him to play go, but he didn’t get a chance. It was not until he was on the wrong side of 50 that he started go and several years have passed since then. He’s bewitched by the fascination of go!

Until last year, I borrowed his dojo once a week to hold a go class. It must have been tough to play go sitting on tatami for Italians not used to it. However, the quiet atmosphere of this new dojo was really good and I liked it. I hope I can start up my class there again one day.

Giuseppe has studied the martial arts and the philosophy of Yin and Yang; he finds something in common between them and go and this is useful to him. For example, he refers to the principles of Yin and Yang in explaining simply the flow of a game and this helps him to make go interesting for beginners.

I learn a lot from him, so it’s hard to tell who is teaching whom . . . This is what I really feel.

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