GO Friends Report.

[ No.13 ]  William
Hello, everyone. Have you been watching the live games on PandaNet? They are splendid entertainment; there are professional title-match games and games from the Toyota PandaNet Tournaments held every month in different parts of Europe, all shown in real time.
William is one of the indispensable persons in live games in Europe. He is an employee of the European Go Cultural Centre in Amsterdam and of course is a great fan of go. He is the behind-the-scenes person who makes it all possible, setting up the live relays, acting as game recorder, and taking charge of technical support.
‘I really like my job assisting people to enjoy go. I also get to meet a lot of people, so it’s a fascination, fun job.”
There’s always a warm and friendly atmosphere around the sociable William.

[ No.14 ]  Hubertvs
Hubertvs, a German who lives in Paris, gave a splendid performance that really thrilled the audience in the congress venue. A professional street performer for 12 years, he speaks several languages fluently and performs all over Europe. When night comes, he enjoys visiting the go club of the city he happens to be in. His forte is acrobatics, the monocycle, fire juggling, etc. The feats he performs all look really difficult . . .
‘I want to make everyone happy through my performances.’
I felt something in common with my view of go, so I secretly felt happy. Hubertvs is planning to make his first tour of Asia, specifically, Thailand and India, in winter next year. I hope he will find his way to the go clubs in those countries.

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