GO Friends Report.

[ No.16 ] Annica & Imke

During the three-day Connichi event, two of the members of the go staff who worked hard with me were the friends Annica (on the left) and Imke (on the right). They are students who are into animation and go.

Imke learnt about go at a different animation event two years ago. Since then, she had been attending a local go club and improving her strength; soon she will be making her debut as an instructor teaching beginners.

‘I like teaching. I really enjoy meeting lots of people.’ She seems to have made a good start.

Annica is a fan of Japan and she has a number of Japanese penpals. It was they who introduced her to go and got her interested in the game. Her dream is to come to Japan and to go shopping! She likes everything and is interested in everything about Japan.

[ No.17 ] Anne-Frank-Gymnasium

This year eight more schools than last year participated in the Hans Pietsch Memorial tournament, taking the total to 24. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the tournament. (If you are interested in this tournament, I wrote about it in my report for November 2004. You can find it at:
http://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/members/shigeno/htm/0411.htm )

The triumphant team at the tournament was made up of pupils from the Anne-Frank-Gymnasium, who made a 20-hour trip being jolted in a bus to the tournament venue. There were no signs of fatigue from the trip as they made victory signs after their win.

Go started at this school eight years ago when a local go player from Erding named Karl and I introduced it to the pupils; this led to the founding of a go club at the school. Since then Karl has visited the school once a week to give lessons. His patience and perseverance over all those years have borne fruit. I’m really, really happy.

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