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I went to various schools to teach Go in England.
For the last few years, in Europe, especially Western Europe, the population of children and young people who play Go has been increasing.
One of the reasons why is because of the increase in the number of internet users who have the opportunity to exchange Go information. Year by year, it is getting convenient as computers are getting reasonable and easy to use so that everyone uses computers at home nowadays.
Previously, novices had a hard time reading Go books for beginners which were impossible to understand. Or they were lucky if they knew someone who played Go and had a chance to learn from them.
I often hear ` I think I have a set of Go which I got for Christmas somewhere at home.' Originally, Go was a part of Asian culture which had very little chance to be introduced in Europe. And even though Europeans were interested in Go, it was difficult for them to start leaning. So the introduction of the internet has changed the circumstances greatly.
Recently, people from Go associations have been working hard to teach Go to children to let the next generation know how great the game is. Books for children who are beginners and pamphlets like comic books are created by each country. In addition, for beginners, it is getting easier to find 9 x 9 and 13 x 13 go boards, nowadays.
In July, I was invited by the British Go Association (BGA) and I went to various schools to teach Go in England.
One British couple, Peter and Sheila from Hampshire, has been introducing Go to children, mainly at schools and educational facilities, from about 2 years ago. They have been to more than 110 locations to teach Go. To improve children's creativity and investigative power or to introduce Asian culture which British children don't usually have the chance to experience, Peter and Sheila enthusiastically proclaim that `Go is the best game'. This time, I went with them to primary schools and high schools and enjoyed playing Go with children.
Peter and Sheila say, `To get to know the game, please watch carefully.'
Their Go lesson has no clear explanation like which stone goes first or where to place the stones. From just let them play the game (surround and win), the children figured out how to play and learn naturally. Peter and Sheila use such a splendid technique to make children interested in Go. Instead of explaining the rules tediously, their method is extremely effective for children and children learned how to get stones so fast that it didn't take them long to start a competition.
It was at that moment that I felt the fascination of the new world of Go.
Wherever they go, whoever they meet, Peter and Sheila always carry a set of Go and they talk about Go eagerly. Using their experience as ex-teachers, they are planning to introduce Go to different groups of people. This autumn, they are planning to meet Mr. Charles Clarke, Minister of Education, to promote Go. I get excited when I think about the academic world pays attention to Go!
Helenswood shool
Trosnant FirstSchool
Also, I was on a BBC radio show with Peter. Since it was a live show, I was nervous but the MC, Nick (he does not seem to know Go), who is cheerful and intelligent talked excitedly with relevant questions, and we started to let ourselves go.
He said `The rules are simple but deep. No matter who you are, man or woman or whatever your age or whether you are disabled, it is a fascinating game that you can enjoy playing at your own level. Let's try GO GO GO!!'
Every Thursday night at Peter and Sheila's house, a Go club is held. I loved the comfortable atmosphere where anyone can join, from beginners to 2, 3 dan. By the way, their strength is 14 kyu.
Peter & Sheila
Not only Peter and Sheila, but also BGA's cooperation and support for promotion are great. Simon, the president of BGA, goes to various places to teach Go to children and also there are many people who support the promotion. Go is getting popular through the team work of these people.
I, a member of the team, am hoping to continue helping such a great activity.

Q&A of Yuki Shigeno 2 dan go
2003.8 August
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