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What is the attraction of Go?
The profoundness of the games, interest in games, work of art, culture, history, way of communicationc
Also, Go is called the epitome of life or philosophy. Go which has many faces may be attracts many people.
Recently, I am interested in fureai-Go. Fureai-Go uses the basic method of pon-nuki game and it is an attempt to have fun with everyone, from children to elders, physically and mentally challenged or not, or no matter what situations you are in. That will create cultural exchange in the mind and will remove all sorts of social barriers and will teach us to face each other.
Having fun at the same eye level is, so to speak, the basis of human relations. Fureai-Go is needed as an effective program which represents the new fields in the Go world and has started to be practically used at kindergarten and nursery school, junior and high school, facilities of mentally challenged and various events organized by the local community and places where people gather.
Now, let me explain how to play fureai-Go.
First, use 9x9 boards and start team games.
1 team consists of 10 to 20 people and each person puts 1 stone each. It is better to use big Go boards for everyone to see on the floor. Of course, regular size is fine depending on the number of players. Usually, a team who gets 3 stones wins but it will be good to have rules like a team who gets more stones in a certain time period wins or a team wins by getting the first stone. Or you can start with individual games or pair Go games. You don't have to stick to the way of playing or tools, according to circumstances. Just enjoy with what you have.
Some people who don't understand the rules and look puzzled play a few games and when they start getting used to their team, they change their expressions on their faces and start to look lively. Often you see some people with wry faces because they cannot be familiar with games from the beginning to the end. But that is good, too. A variety of people makes society and to experience that is the attraction of fureai-Go.
In January, I took part in a forum entitled `Participating and cooperating on developing cities and regions with vitality.' sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Government of Japan at Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture. 240 people who are from the facilities of mentally challenged, public health nurses, and NPO's who take part in activities of developing city and region and so on along with administrators in dark suits gathered. Of course, I was the one who traveled the furthest to participate!
The title is difficult but my interpretation of it is `let's make a comfortable town by ourselves.' From the year 2000, they have started a trial with local autonomy. Kashiwa city which adapts fureai-Go with their work proposed to be the host for this national forum. For more information, please see bellow.
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How are `developing city' and `Go' connected? When I first heard that, it sounded strange. This time, I found out by seeing the activities of Kashiwa city on how to make a city active. The team work of neighbors is the most important, so it needs good human relations and that's why fureai-Go is adapted. Don't you think it is great that Go can be useful to society?
We are the ones who create a sense of value and it is a duty for those who love Go.
The exhibit in the hall.

Q&A of Yuki Shigeno 2 dan go
2004.02 Febraly
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