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Toyota - Pandanet Tournament in Paris
The Toyota-Pandanet Tournament in Paris started with the advent of spring for which we were waiting a long time.
I suppose some of you remember this tournament from my report which I introduced a year ago.
This 3-day tournament which is held during Easter holiday is a lively event which attracts strong participants with some participants who come to sightsee at the same time from outside Paris. This year, too, I was invited by the tournament committee and went to provide guidance.
The ward office in the 13th division of Paris is the convention hall
Recently, I am happy to learn that the number of participants from all over Europe is increasing, especially, children, students and kyu players. At this tournament in Paris, there were 320 participants, 50 people more than last year!
Maybe, this number of participants must be a new record for the number of participants among current week-end tournaments in Europe. Also, 230 of them were kyu players, up to 30 kyu, beginners. Isn't it wonderful that the base is large and deep.
Usually, the participation fee is Euro 35 (about \4,500) but the price was been lowered to Euro 15 (about \2,000) for participants who are under 10 kyu and under the age of 18, and busy people who can participate for only one day. I was so impressed that the organizers lowered the price so that more kyu players and busy people could participate. This is one of the reasons why so many kyu players participated this year.
The strongest dan participant was 2 dan Chinese professional, Mr.Fan, who won the tournament this year and also last year. Also, strong participants gathered from 20 countries.
This tournament which is held at the same place as last year in the 13th district in Paris at the district hall facing Place d'Italy was filled with people and Go boards so that they had to set up an extra room.
The woman is the world amateur representative in Hungary
'Hikaru no Go' in France has been published for about one and a half years. So far, up to the 9th edition is on sale and it is so popular that those books are displayed at the front row in the book shops. Including young people who start Go because of the comic books, participants who learn and play Go through the internet are increasing more and more.
Also, teachers and supporters have been increasing by getting influenced by this phenomenon and new Go clubs are being established. I understand that Go has been spreading in many ways. Of course, beginning with Pandanet, there are various Internet servers and information sites for Go which are another reason.
The stall of GO goods
At the moment, there are 1300 members at the French Go Association but through these channels, there is a rumor that the number of members will be double next year. In any case, there is no doubt that Go is experiencing a little boom in France.
Whenever I come to Paris, a couple, Jean and Monique, take care of me. Always, I stay at their place and they become my drivers and managers!? And they help me with even the small details from assisting me to preparing the commentary and guidance during the tournaments.
With help from people like them, I am able to teach at many places.
I appreciate this greatly.
It is Mr.Jean that drives
Monique, Jean, and me
COP Go Club (Club-Paris-Ouest) which has just moved to a public hall in front of Jean's place has over 30 members now, and half of them are young boys and beginners with a lot of energy. In fact, I'm an honorary member and I visit there whenever I have time. `This is my first time to participate in a tournament' said a 20kyu woman member very nervously and by the end of the tournament, she was smiling because she had won 5 games out of 6. It was happy news for me that the whole COP had a good result.
They are members of COP
By the way, the games were broadcast live on Pandanet at the tournament and that attracted everyone's attention. The games at the tournament in Paris were seen by Go fans all over the world and it is wonderful that a lot of people can enjoy the games at the same time. Next time, I'd like to experience the real thrill by being an observer.
See you soon.

Q&A of Yuki Shigeno 2 dan go
2004.05 May
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