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Summer in Milan

The terrible intense heat of last summer is not around and Milan, this summer, has refreshing days with clear blue sky. How are you doing, everyone?

Schools here have started 3 months summer holiday from mid-June already. (I am worried for the students that if they rest for such a long time, they would forget what they have learnt. That is not my concern?!) Conversations with friends are mainly about how to spend our holidays so it is not wrong to say that Italy in summer, everything revolves around the holidays.

Also, it is common that the offices have summer holiday for 3 to 4 weeks- thatís why people have more enthusiasm. Everyone moves from the city to the sea and to the mountain, so the streets are empty except from tourists and the shops in towns are closed and there is little traffic so the air seems cleaner.

I wonder secretly that Italians must spend all their savings for the summer holidays and Christmas presents. Anyhow, the Italian custom of spending this nice season with their families, is enviable for Japanese whose lives, in comparison, revolve around their work.

Usually, Milan Go Club has regular meetings every Saturday in a rented place at a Chess club but during the summer for about 3 months, the Go club always moves to an open cafť in Milan City Public Park (Giardini Pubbulici) which is not too far from the center of the city.

 Scenery of a game 

 This is the original GOKE made by Milan IGO club. 

It is an open cafť so if you order drinks, (there is alcohol, too) (although some donít order) you can come whenever you like and find your opponent and leave as you like. This place is very free. There is no table charge. In the middle of greenery, with fresh air, playing Go is special.

Also, not only Go but also chess, checkers and so on, a lot of game lovers get together and it is always crowded. This place is for cultural exchange, and some people get interested in Go from chess or vice versa. Also, some couples are on dates or families and so on come in and watch, so the open place where these kinds of everyday people gather has a very good effect of popularizing Go.

 They also enjoy chess. 

Till 9:30 at night when the sun goes down, everyone plays games of Go. If you have a chance to come to Milan in summer, please come and see the park to enjoy the cool breeze.

Iím sure you will hear the sound of stones.

 The situation of a park 

PS: By the way, I am spending my holiday at home and planning to relax.

Q&A of Yuki Shigeno 2 dan go
2004.8 August
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