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Hi Yuki,I don't have a Go question.
I just wanted to say hello. We played a few games when you visited Colorado several years ago.
We even took a hike in the same, small group when you spent a day at a cabin in the mountains, remember?
I am very glad that you are having such a nice life, living in Milan and teaching Go.
It looks delightful...even your Spartan office! :-)I lived in Boulder when you were here, but now I live nearby, in Louisville.
I still love Go & enjoy watching games on the internet.
I have found a good job as a technical writer & mostly I enjoy hiking and running in the mountains on the weekend.
If you ever come back to Colorado with your husband, be sure to look me up & I will take you on a much nicer hike than the one we went on the last time. As I remember, we didn't actually get anywhere!
We just hiked for awhile and then turned around and hiked back!! Not very entertaining.Have fun in Milan.
Living in Italy sounds like it would be very pleasant.Ciao!
Anser of Yuki Shigeno 2dan
I was very happy to get your message.
Of course I remember you. I remember very well my journey in Colorado too: it was the first time in USA for me. I had good time with the Go players of Denver.
I`m happy to know that you are enjoying to play Go.
I`m sure that I`m coming back to Denver again. (I hope with my husband and hiking shoes!)
Ogenkide! Yuki
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