Q&A of Yuki Shigeno 2 dan
The question 1 this month
I think that the game of Go depends on the condition of one's mind.
If I cannot concentrate, I cannot place stones well.
Also, when I try to attack carelessly, I lose.
I understand that it is important to be calm but for games I get heated up.
How should I remain calm when I play games of Go?
Anser of Yuki Shigeno 2dan
I myself show my feelings on the Go board when I am not well or I have problems with my private life.
I think that Go is close to myself = my life.
`Being calm' is the biggest subject for us regardless of our strength.
Practically, one of the ways to remain calm is to take a break when it comes to difficult situations. For example, you should stand up and get fresh air from outside and then you feel refreshed and then examine the stones again on the Go board. When you feel refreshed, the scenery on the Go board would look different and that would help you to be calm. Knowing your habits is a part of good training.
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