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The question 2 this month
My problem is that even though I read go books I can't grasp the concept of 'sabaki' (settling a group). What should I do?
Anser of Yuki Shigeno 2dan
Sabaki is a very difficult concept. If you have access to a stronger player or a go instructor, the best thing would be to ask him or her to teach you.
If not, you have no choice but to study by yourself.
I wonder what go books you are studying. The important thing when buying any go book is to choose one that matches your level, that you can understand.
For example, if you are shodan, choose a book that is for 2- or 3-kyu. Rather than getting confused by studying a difficult book, it's more effective to read an easier book a number of times until you really understand it.
The other way to study is to find professional games in which sabaki is a theme and play them over a number of times to absorb the sabaki techniques. A commentary is useful but not essential; just by playing over the game, you can absorb the flow of the game and naturally learn the rhythms and shapes of sabaki. Please do your best and keep at it!
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