PANDA-gGo is a Go board, SGF editor, client for the Internet Go Server and an interface for playing with GNU Go. PANDA-gGo is written in Java and available for Linux, OS X and Windows. PANDA-gGo is distributed free of charge.
Go is an ancient boardgame, very common in Japan, China and Korea.

The latest version is 1.0


There are two ways to start the application:

Java Web Start

Click on this link to start PANDA-gGo with Java Web Start.

You need Java Web Start installed. If you don't have it, you can download it from Sun.


If you don't want to use Java Web Start, get one of the installer packages.
Current version is 1.0

Windows installer 2.8 MB
Mac OS X 2.9 MB
Linux installer 2.7 MB
Linux RPM 2.7 MB
Platform independant installer 3.0 MB

Installation instructions

There is some more detailed information available in the FAQ.

If you only want the gGo.jar file, get it here. This is an executable Jar file with the complete application, but it lacks the manual, the player database and the look and feel extensions.

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