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Google DeepMindチャレンジマッチ 李世乭九段 vs AlphaGo


Ms. Maya Osawa & PANDA SENSEI pair

Oh Yujin 2dan & Choi Chul-Han 9dan pair
3rd place:
Yu Zhiying 5dan & Ke Jie 9dan pair

"Tsumego" problem that questions have been(All Black destination)









Tournament Details

A total of 13 pairs will solve the "Tsumego" problems: 12 pairs from the countries fielding professional players together with a pair made up of a strong Japanese amateur woman player and "PANDA SENSEI".


Hsieh Yi Min 6dan & Iyama Yuta 9dan pair, Wang Jing Yi 2dan & Murakawa Daisuke 8dan pair,
Mukai Chiaki 5dan & Ichiriki Ryo 7dan pair, Yu Zhiying 5dan & Ke Jie 9dan pair,
Wang Chenxing 5dan & Shi Yue 9dan pair, Choi Jeong 6dan & Park Jeonghwan 9dan pair,
Oh Yujin 2dan & Choi Chul-Han 9dan pair, Missingham Joanne Jia-Jia 7dan & Chen Shih Iuan 9dan pair,
Chang Kai Hsin 5dan & Wang Yuan Jyun 7dan pair, Rita Pocsai & Ali Jabarin 1dan pair,
Natalia Kovaleva & Ilya Shikshin 1dan pair, Sarah Yu & Eric Hao-Chiun Lui 1dan pair
Maya Osawa & PANDA SENSEI pair

Playing Rules

Six problems will be presented. The time limit for solving each problem is ten minutes.The pair with the most points will be declared the winner.
Chief Referee : Ishida Yoshio (24th Honinbo Shuho)
Problem composers : Kono Rin 9dan, Oba Junya 7dan, Ohashi Hirofumi 6dan


Winner: Prize 1,000,000 yen
Runner-up: Prize 300,000 yen
3rd place: Prize 150,000 yen


● Official name: The King of Tsumego:
"PANDA SENSEI" Born in Japan, it is currently the world's strongest Tsumego AI.
● With a long developmental history of improvement and modification over 30 years, it was unveiled by Pandanet more than ten years before AlphaGo appeared and commenced service in 2003.
● It moves nimbly on just one computer or on a smart phone and is used by members throughout the world as one of the basic services provided by the PANDANET.
● It's also used by professional players and has become an indispensable tool in the composition and analysis of life-and-death problems (tsumego).
● Patents acquired
Japan) Patent No. 4607230, others
Korea) Patent No. 10-1589788
US and China) pending

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