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PANDANET CUP - The 9th Internet World Amateur Go Tournament
[ Preliminary Tournament: Explanations ]

Notice: All games must be played on IGS-PandaNet.
     How to start games
  (If you use PANDA EGG)

After connecting to IGS-PandaNet, click "Play a game" button to look users' list. If you want to play PandaNet-Cup Games, click 'IWAG EVEN' or 'IWAG HANDI'.

(If you use other clients)

After connecting to IGS-PandaNet, input 'join 91' to play 'IWAG EVEN' Games, or input 'join 92' to play 'IWAG HANDI' Games.
(You can input 'join 0' to play NON-PandaNet-Cup Games.)

During the period of the tournament, the user ID of participants will be given on the home page. Please choose a player from among these whom you have not yet played.

Even Games

Before playing the first move in a game, set the komi at 6.5 points. The way to set the komi is to display the Telnet window after the go board is displayed:

komi 6.5

This must be set by both players. If you don't know how to set the komi, play the game, then adjust the result before reporting it. When the komi is not set by the players, the komi will automatically be set at 6.5 at the start in a game between players of the same dan. In other cases, the komi will automatically be set at 0.5 points given by Black.
Handicap Games

Before playing the first move in a game, Black must set the handicap. The way to set the handicap is to display the Telnet window after the go board is displayed:

handi #

(# = difference in Rating.)

The maximum number of handicap is 9. When the difference in rating is more than 9, please set handicap to 9.
     When a game is interrupted
  When a game is interrupted because the connection is broken on one side or the other, the side breaking the connection must immediately reconnect and resume the game. When the connection is broken by your opponent, please wait 5 minutes for him or her to reconnect. If the opponent does not reconnect within 5 minutes, then the game is a win for the other player, regardless of the reason.
If both players are disconnected, the game is stored. The stored game will be 'No game' if it does not restart for the period of preliminary round.
     Reporting results
  When you win, please report the result of a game to the tournament office promptly after it is completed.
During the tournament, there will be a page for reporting tournament results set up on the Pandanet home page. Insert all necessary details and press the OK button.

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