PANDANET CUP - The 17th Internet World Amateur Go Tournament

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     Outline of the Tournament
  There are two categories: one is the Main Championship and the other is the Ranked Championship.You can participate in the Main Tournament regardless of your Go strength.The Ranked Championship will be held by several ranked groups. The organizer will decide which rank you will participate in depending on the number of players. Both Championships have a preliminary round. Top 16 players from the Main Championships and the top 8 players from the Ranked Championship can proceed to the Final round.

Organizer : The Internet World Amateur Go Championship Committee
Supported by : The Agency for Cultural Affairs
Special Co-operation : The Japan Pair Go Association
Planning & Organization : PANDANET Inc.
     Playing Rules
Time allowance : The time allowance is 10 minutes per side, with an overtime of 25 moves every 15 minutes.
Playing conditions : All games on even, Black gives a 6½ point komi.
Color : The computer decides colors automatically.
     Preliminary Round
  Participants play freely at least six games for the qualifying period. You are not allowed to play with the same person twice.The ranking is decided in the following way.

1. Points are obtained by the following system, and the players are ranked in descending order of points.

points = W / N + W * 0.02
(W = number of wins, N = number of games)

Example: you win 3 out of 6 games, you collect 3/6 + 3 * 0.02 = 0.56 points.
Example: you win 4 out of 8 games, you collect 4/8 + 4 * 0.02 = 0.58 points.

2. When 2 players have the same points, the player with the higher number of wins is ranked higher.
3. When 2 players have the same points and the same number of wins, the player with higher number of SOS (sum of opponents' score) is ranked higher.
4. When players have with the same points and the same number of wins and the same SOS, the players are ranked equal.

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     Final Round
  The top 16 players from the Main Championships and the top 8 players from the Ranked Championship can proceed to the Final round.

The organizer decides the playing combination in a drawing. Each 2 players decide when they play by themselves, but must be within the qualifying period.

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  Registration Period

11st of July -
  Preliminary Round

4th of August through the 21st of August
  Final Round

The Main
The Ranked
Date : Japan time
1st round 1st round 30th of August through the 6th of September
2nd round Semi-final 6th of September through The 12th of September
Semi-final Final 13th of September through the 19th of September
Final   20th of September through the 29th of Saturday
     Qualifications for Participation
  Must be amateur Go players.
  Games must be played using Pandanet.
  Must be able to communicate by E-mail.

  People who hope to participate in the Ranked Tournament and have not been confirmed of their rank by Pandanet, need to play at least 20 games and be confirmed of their rank by August 1st question mark is appeared next to the rank, it means the rank has not been officially confirmed by Pandanet.
  Participants in the Main championship are not required to have their ranks verified.
  Players in the BC (beginners class) are not allowed to participate.
  Please play in the official Pandanet tournament room.
  Please play games by yourself. Taking advice from a third person, or playing by a third person, is against the rules.
  In principle, your games should played from your home.Please let the organizer know in advance in case you want to play at another location other than your home, such as a Go club where many people gather. The organizers may check the origin of your Internet connection.
  If you lower your rank intentionally by losing games before the tournament, you will be not allowed to participate.
  Please exchange greetings when starting and finishing your games. Insulting comments are strictly prohibited.If you are treated impolitely, please let the organizer know.
  Please resign the game if you think there is no hope of winning, instead of dragging out the game.
  Likewise, please dont tell your opponent to resign, even if your opponent is clearly losing.However, please let the organizer know if your opponent keeps playing useless moves and does not finish the game.
  When the organizer finds out that you have violated the rules, you may be disqualified, even if the game result has been confirmed.
     Participation fee
  Free of charge.
  Main Championship

First prize : JPY 100,000
Second prize : JPY 30,000
3rd - 16th place : Gift
  Ranked Championship

1st - 8th place : Gift

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