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the 21st Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament concurrently

Final Rounds: Detailed explanation

How to start games

  • The playing combination of the Final round will be updated on the website. You can also check your opponent on the "Net social plaza."
  • Please enter the designated room before the starting time and start the game on time. If you are late, please enter the room promptly and challenge your opponent. If your opponent doesn't log in, please wait for 30 minutes. You will win by default if your opponent doesn't log in within 30 minutes after the starting time.
  • The games played in the tournament rooms will have automatic settings. It will always be even games with black giving 6½ komi to white. The color is decided by computer during the draw. So even when the opponent suggests another setting do not accept it since it will be overruled by PANDANET anyway.

Special Rule

  • Once the game starts, please be sure to play to the end. In the Final round, when a game is cut off with fewer than two moves, it can, unlike with the usual rules, be resumed as an interrupted game.

When a game is interrupted

  • When a game is interrupted due to a broken network connection from one side or the other, the side breaking the connection must immediately reconnect and resume the game.When the connection is broken by your opponent, please wait 5 minutes for him or her to reconnect. If the opponent does not reconnect within 5 minutes, then the game is a win for the other player, regardless of the reason.
  • If both players are disconnected, the game is stored. Please restart the stored game immediately. Otherwise, both players will be given a loss.
  • In case you lose connection more than three times in a game you automatically lose the game.

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Reporting results

  • When you win, please report the result of the game to the organizer promptly after it is finished. During the tournament there will be a page for reporting results set up on the "Net social plaza" page. Enter necessary items and press the [Report] button.

*The reported results will be updated on the Pandanet website. If you find any mistakes, please let the organizer know.