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IGSCP is a client-side protocol to improve the teach mode on IGS. IGSCP stands for "Improving Go Servers Consortium Protocol".

The basic idea is to enhance the existing server-side teach support with some client-side commands which are exchanged between the clients using the "tell" or "chatter" commands. So the additional functions are available without a change to the server code, something to which client authors have no access. The original server-side teaching game will not be altered in any way, IGSCP only provides additional and optional functions.

IGSCP is currently designed and developed by Jean-Francois Menon (RubyGo), Johannes Mesa (qGo) and Peter Strempel (gGo).

If you are a user, you will profit by using an IGSCP supporting client because of the availability of additional functions. If you are a client developer and interested to implent IGSCP into your client, please feel to contact one of the IGSCP developers.

IGSCP is currently work in progress and not yet fully implemented in all clients.

Supporting clients

You need one of these three clients to use the IGSCP extensions:

The latest gGo release 0.4 supports the IGSCP namespaces MARK and INFO as described in IGSCP draft 8.

Please note that IGSCP is currently implemented into the above mentioned clients and might not yet be fully available.

IGSCP draft version 8

Version 8 of the current IGSCP draft specification.


Also available: Download of IGSCPDemo, a demonstration and testing tool for IGSCP written in Python.
This is only interesting for client developers.

Copyright (c) 2003, Peter Strempel
Last modified: Wed Jun 25 2003