You need to have a "Flash Player" installed to view the ratings graph.
If you do not have a player in your computer, click here to download.

If the rating graph does not display correctly, delete the "Temporary Files" from your browser and try again.

[How to delete temporary files (Internet Explorer)]
  1. Click on "Tools"in the menu above this window.
  2. Click on "Internet Options".
  3. Click "Delete Files" from the "Browsing History" area.
    A confirmation screen will be displayed. Click "OK".
    Depending on the number of temporary files you have saved, it could take from between a few minutes to ten minutes.
    When the mouse cursor changes from an hour glass to an arrow, the deletion is complete.
  4. When the deletion is finished, click "OK" and close the internet options.
This completes the process. Quit your browser and restart it, and then try displaying the rating graph again.