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The rating graph won't display
The rating graph will be displayed on the day after your rank is determined. The graph won't be displayed for BC (Beginner's Class) and provisionally ranked players. Also, if the rating graph does not display correctly after your rating is decided, delete the "Temporary Files" from your browser and try again.
I've only just started playing go. What rank should I begin at?
You can start registering your go level from 17kyu. Also, if you are not confident, you can start as BC (Beginner's Class).
Can I advance to 17kyu from Beginner's Class (BC) after 5 victories, no matter who I beat?
You can advance to 17kyu after you get 5 victories, regardless of the go ability of your opponents. All victories count, including those against opponents without a set go level, practice robots, and matches in the free play room. After advancing to 17kyu, you'll start as a provisional 17kyu player (with a rating of zero matches).
Can I check my own points after each game?
You can see information including your rank in dan/kyu and win/loss record along with your current points by clicking on the "Net Social Plaza" button. Also, by clicking on your User ID displayed at the right of the go board while playing a match, you can see your current points along with what the point total will become if you win or lose.
What is the special calculation method used until my rating reaches 20 matches?
A special method is used to decide your appropriate rank from the results of 20 matches in your self-declared rank. For example, if a player whose actual ability was 17kyu self-declared at 6dan, the standard way of calculation would not put that player at 17kyu even if he kept on losing, so the special method of calculation is used to deal with these cases. However, the method of calculation is not made public. Thank you for your understanding.

* If there is anything you do not understand, please contact the Pandanet Support Center listed below.
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