Su, a scholar and poet, is an amicable, easy-going man, well-liked by his friends and his servants. He maintains a nice house and a beautiful garden. However, he has one annoying habit: he has come to believe that the ability to fight ko is a sign of true strength at the game of Go. So, he will make ko whenever he can, even when it is not advantageous, even when it has no meaning, even when another result is clearly better. He just makes ko whenever he can. This often leads to long, drawn-out games that should have come to quicker conclusion.

Today, he has invited his friend Li over to play. Li has come, but he has decided to play a joke on his friend. He has conspired with one of the servants, and when they take the Go set to the garden, and are about to start, the servant comes by carrying part of the lunch. Su, amiable fellow that he is, is distracted by the sight and smell of good food. Li, taking advantage of the opportunity, slips away to where he has secreted a really large bowl of stones, which he will take to the Go board!

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