"Aaiiieeee! Help me, someone, please help me! Curses! curses on those that have put me here, unto the seventh generation, curses! Help me! Help me!"

The pitiful cry reached the God of Fools, in his meditations. He stirred and sighed, "Another one," he mused. He arose and stepped into the netherworld, a dimly lit and lonely place. No sunlight ever reached here, it was lit as if by the moon, but no source of illumination could be seen. He contemplated the nature of this place, then turned toward the crying off to his left. He walked that way and soon came to a place where he saw a demon caught in a web. Bats flitted past the demon, as though mocking it with their freedom. Off to the side, there was an overturned Go board. The demon was cursing those responsible for its condition, but the God of Fools knew what had really happened here. As he looked on, the demon became aware of him.

"Oh, kind God, free me from this place!", cried the demon. "I cannot, you must free yourself," he replied. "What!? I have tried! Nothing I do is of any avail! Others have put me here! Please help me!" cried the demon. The God of Fools stood still, doing nothing. When the demon saw that he did not move, it cursed him, calling down all kinds of vile retribution on him. He turned away, and the demon cried again, "Don't go! Please help me! Free me from this place!"

He replied, "I have already said that you must help yourself, no other can save you from this Hell." As he walked away, the demon alternately pleaded and cursed, but he knew there was nothing he could do. "So sad," he thought, "how certain beings bring about their own ruin." And he passed on, leaving the demon that had cheated at Go caught in the web of its own design.

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