What is installed where


This assumes you are using an English Windows. On my German Windows 2000 the folder names are slightly different, but generally the locations are the same.

  • C:\Program Files\glGo contains the complete installation. There are subfolders containing the documentation, shared data like images, resources and translations, and the HTML help files.

  • C:\Documents and Settings\username\glGo contains the configuration file glGo.rc and the logfile glGo.log. If you uninstall glGo, please delete this folder manually. Windows 9x does not know about a Home directory and writes these files into the Windows system directory.


    If glGo fails to find the home directory and tries to write into the Windows directory, an error message will appear if this is done by a non-administrator account, as such an account cannot write into the system directory. Pointing the HOME variable to a writable folder will help.

  • Some registry entries are automatically generated by the installer for the Windows software installation support. They will be completely removed during the uninstall process.


To uninstall glGo, please use the provided uninstaller to clean up the registry entry properly.


  • The glGo binary and the python scripts are located in /usr/games.

  • /usr/share/games/glGo contains data and other shared files glGo needs at runtime.

  • /usr/lib/games/glGo contains the shared sound libraries.

  • /usr/share/doc/glGo contains the documentation.

  • $HOME/.glGo contains the user configuration and temporary cached files.


When uninstalling glGo, the user configuration directory $HOME/.glGo will be not removed, please delete it manually.


  • glGo and Playermanager are usually located in the Applications folder.

  • /Users/yourname/.glGo contains the user configuration and temporary cached files.


I know this is an unusual place to store configuration files on the Mac. Usually those files should be in /Users/yourname/Library/Preferences. I plan to adjust the Mac version accordingly in a later release, but this is not really mission critical at the moment.