Keyboard control

The keyboard is used to rotate, shift and zoom the 3D board and to navigate through the game.

The following table explains all supported key combinations.

Cursor rightNext move
Cursor leftPrevious move
Cursor upNext variation
Cursor downPrevious variation
HomeFirst move
EndLast move
Page UpStart of variation
Page DownNext variation
Insert (Mac: Help)Go back to main branch
Control+cursor right/leftRotate the board on x axis
Control+cursor up/downRotate the board on z axis
Alt+cursor right/leftRotate board on y axis
Shift+cursor right/left/up/downMove board right/left/up/down
Numpad plus/minusZoom board in/out
Plus/MinusChange fovy angle
BackspaceReset view

This table contains all keys for the OpenGL 3D board. The 2D board has the same keys for navigation, but of course lack the rotating and zooming functions.