The New IGS-PandaNet Rating System

Rank migration table
Current rank Rating
(After migration)
(Rated players)
(Unrated players)
28k1000 to   174522k   to 22k+22k
27k1745 to   249022k+ to 21k+21k
26k2490 to   323621k+ to 20k+20k
25k3236 to   398120k+ to 19k+19k
24k3981 to   472719k+ to 18k+18k
23k4727 to   547218k+ to 17k  17k
22k5472 to   621817k   to 16k  17k
21k6218 to   696316k   to 16k+16k
20k6963 to   770916k+ to 15k+15k
19k7709 to   845415k   to 14k  14k
18k8454 to   919914k   to 13k  14k
17k9200 to   994513k   to 13k+13k
16k  9945 to 1069013k+ to 12k+12k
15k10690 to 1143612k+ to 11k  11k
14k11436 to 1218111k   to 11k+11k
13k12181 to 1292711k+ to 10k  10k
12k12927 to 1367210k   to   9k  10k
11k13672 to 14418  9k   to   9k+9k
10k14418 to 15163  9k+ to   8k  8k
9k15163 to 15909  8k   to   8k+8k
8k15909 to 16654  8k+ to   7k  7k
7k16654 to 17399  7k   to   7k+7k

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