Woman professional Go players will answer your questions in turn.
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December Narumi
How do professionals study life and death?
I virtually always lose games that turn into scrappy fights. I lose my cool, and I end up one move behind, which really annoys me. Can you tell me if thereís a sure-win pattern?
November Keiko
there are quite a few opponents whom I can always beat when they take black against me with no komi, but when I give them two stones I never win. Do you have to change the way you play with white when you give a handicap?
I often lose on time, which is causing me headaches. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice on time management.
October Akino
I am fond of go and I study go books for one or two hours every day, but I donít seem to be improving very much. I would be grateful if you would tell me how much time you usually spend studying every day and what kind of materials you study.
When I see the players spending 30 minutes or an hour or more on a move, I canít help wondering what professionals are thinking about at such times. If they are reading ahead, how many moves ahead do they read? Or are they thinking about something else?
September Kaori CHINEN
Women's Honinbo /
Women's Kisei
I have a three-year-old child, and I like go very much. I thought Iíd teach my child, but when I started I found it very difficult. Iíd be grateful if you could give me some advice.
When my opponent plays a good move during a game, I get upset and go to pieces. I want to change this bad habit, but am having no success. How can one cope with this kind of situation?
August Kana
I have a problem with the opening.When I set up a moyo, the opponent invades and settles his group. This really upsets me. What is the right approach?
At present I play as a 1-kyu. My games are rarely counted Ė usually either my opponent or I resign. I really want to play long games. Do you have any advice for me?
July Izumi
When the opening stage has finished and I am looking for large points to play, various points present themselves to me, and I get confused about which is best. What is the right way of thinking to solve this problem?
I mess up a lot of my games in the endgame. What kind of study should I do to improve at the endgame?
June Ayumi
I am a high school teacher. But now that Iím nearing 50 Iím thinking of switching from a club based on physical activity to the go club. Because you are so close to high school girls yourself, Iíd like to ask Suzuki Sensei to give me some clues about whatís important in teaching at a go club.
Recently Iíve been wondering how you and other professionals go about composing life-and-death problems. I would be grateful if you could tell me, in concrete terms.
May Tomoko
When I take a handicap, I know what to do, but when I give a five-stone handicap I am immediately at a loss how to win. (Iím not exaggerating.) What should I do?
Recently Iíve been having a lot of trouble with my opening strategy.Can you tell me a good way to get better at the opening?
April Kumiko
Since Iím still just a beginner, I guess I canít complain about not being able to win, but even so go is getting boring when I lose all my games. How can I enjoy go over the long term?
Is playing a lot of games the only way to learn the technique or the knack for making best use of my opening?
March Mieko
I always fall behind in the fuseki. Please tell me what are the key points of the fuseki.
What is the best kind of training so that one discover the vital point in complicated positions in the middle game?
February AKIKO
I take about 1 hour to play a game but I lose concentration in the middle of the game. What shall I do to maintain my concentration?
I like attacking but always easily lose. Is there any knack of judging big and small areas?

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