PANDANET CUP - The 14th Internet World Amateur Go Tournament
[ Main Tournament: Detailed explanation ]
     How to start games
  Once connected to PANDANET please enter the main championship room when participating the main championship. When you participate the ranked championship please enter the room corresponding to your group.

The playing combination of the Final round will be updated on the website. You can also check your opponent on the "Net social plaza."
When the playing combination is decided, please contact your opponent on the special page and decide when you will play within the qualifying period.

If both of you don't play within the qualifying period, you will both be defaulted.
If your opponent doesn't log in, please wait for 30 minutes.
You will win by default if your opponent doesn't log in by 30 minutes.

The games played in the tournament rooms will have automatic settings. It will always be even games with black giving 6½ komi to white. The color is decided by computer during the draw. So even when the opponent suggests another setting just accept it since it will be overruled by PANDANET anyway.
     Manner and special rules
  In championship games, games with less than 2 moves will be also counted. These games will count after the preliminary round period.
     When a game is interrupted
  When a game is interrupted due to a broken network connection from one side or the other, the side breaking the connection must immediately reconnect and resume the game.When the connection is broken by your opponent, please wait 5 minutes for him or her to reconnect. If the opponent does not reconnect within 5 minutes, then the game is a win for the other player, regardless of the reason.

If both players are disconnected, the game is stored. The stored game will be 'No game' if it does not restart within the period of the preliminary round.

In case you lose connection more than three times in a game you automatically lose the game.

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     Reporting results
  When you win, please report the result of the game to the tournament office promptly after it is finished.

During the tournament there will be a page for reporting tournament results set up on the "Net social plaza" page. Insert all necessary details and press the [Report] button.

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