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  An impressive triptych by Kuniyoshi (1798 - 1861) depicting the famous General Kuan Yu having surgery on his arm, which was injured during a battle and became infected. Kuan Yu is one of the heroes in the Chinese literary work known as The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The work is based on historical events from the period of Chinese history known as the Three Kingdoms, 2nd - 3rd centuries A.D.

Here, General Kuan Yu is having an infected wound treated by Hua T'o, a physician famous for his knowledge of medicinal herbs and surgery. Hua has made an incision and is shaving away the infected bone. Throughout the surgery Kuan Yu jokes, eats, drinks, and plays Go. As the surgeon shaves and scrapes away the infected bone, a grating noise is heard, and all watching turn pale, but General Kuan Yu maintains his poise and does not show the slightest sign of pain while the basin fills with blood.


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