Hei-Tzu and Bai-Tzu are the two immortals who many years ago invented the game of Go. Thousands of years ago there developed a dispute between them as to who was the better Go player. Word of their argument spread all over the heavens. As they began playing the Gods sent a dragon to observe the game. The dragon was given strict instructions not to return until it could report the entire game. Unfortunately, their rules were somewhat primitive compared to the ones we use today. The most notable difference was that they had not yet invented the rule of Ko. Being immortal, and endlessly patient, they have been repeating the same position for millennia. Every few thousand years the Gods send another dragon to see if the game has ended. Currently there are five watching the game, although there is speculation that a sixth dragon will soon be on its way. It is because of their standoff that we have the rule of Ko.

There are 20 life and death problems within the Five Dragons picture. All the problems are Black to play. Simply click somewhere on the picture to find a life and death problem.

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