Chapter 6. Options

Table of Contents

Global settings
Sound settings
IGS-PandaNet settings
GNU Go settings

Global application settings can be customized in the preferences dialog, found in the Settings menu. The following options are currently available:

Global settings

  • Language

    Define which language glGo will use. You should restart glGo after changing the language.

    "System default" will select the language depending on your current locale. If the translation is available, it will be used. If not, the default language is English.

  • Board type

    Here you can select which Board type to use. Available are a 3D board using OpenGL or a 2D board using SDL. The 2D board is the default view. All new opened boards will use this type. If you accessed the dialog from a board window, this current board will not change it's type.

  • Enable tooltips

    If you dislike tooltips, uncheck this to disable them globally.

  • Use old SGF parser

    glGo comes with two different parsers for SGF files. The old version is slower but more stable and reliable. The new version is faster but might have problems with big and partly invalid files. It's a good idea to use the new parser because it's faster, but if you encounter problems loading a SGF file, try loading it using the old parser.

  • Confirm deleting nodes

    If this is enabled, glGo will ask you for confirmation before deleting a node in the SGF editor.

  • Playing moves

    Select if you want to play your moves with a single or a double click. This only applies to real games on IGS or with GNU Go, not to the SGF editor.