GO Friends Report.

[ No.21 ] Cho Seok-Bin 7-dan and Hwang In-Seong 7-dan

Recently some top young Korean amateurs who teach and also take part in tournaments have attracted attention in Germany. The two people in the photograph are Cho Seok-Bin 7-dan (on the left), who has been living in Hamburg since last year and who won the London Open, and Hwang In-Seong 7-dan (on the right), who lives in Berlin and who came second in the same tournament.

The two have been go friends since childhood and were also inseis (professional apprentices) together. Apart from go, they are also great friends, and they are enjoying their lives in Germany. Apparently, Hwang is going to go back home, but Cho is going to move his base to Berlin in spring this year and keep on teaching.

The existence of strong, young teachers like these two is proving to be a great stimulus not only to German go but to the whole European go world.

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