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This report has been going on for about 3 years and it has been 10 years since I came to live in Italy. So far, I have never suffered from illness (only once, I went to a dentist) and I was able to visit more than 30 counties to teach and I could get to meet many people through Go. It seems very long, but the time went by in a second.

I have something to tell you. I have decided to go back to Japan. In that matter, I think that the one who is surprised the most is me, more than you are, because I have a lot of Go friends now and promoting Go is fun in Europe, and also it is a time when Go has a bright future because of the influence of Hikaru no Go. There is a lot worth doing.

Game of go class scenery in German elementary school.

I am playing by 16 pieces.

The reason why I made the decision was that I felt tiredness in teaching suddenly. If it were 10 years a go, I could enjoy playing Go all night with everyone but now it is impossible to do so. And gradually, my fresh perspective has faded and I started to feel that not only my physical strength but also my enthusiasm has declined.

To tell the truth, I thought I could continue for another a few years, deceiving myself. But most of the people who are promoting Go that I know are trying their best and are pure and they believe in me. In front of those people, I want to confront with 100 percent of my energy. If I canít do that, I should cooperate in other ways. In case of activities or the way of life, through the years, things change naturally to suit you now. I think I am at a turning point.

The guidance go was done in the elementary school of Wantanamo (Cuba).

The game of go was guided at the school in India of which children
with an inconvenient limbs commuted.

Also, nowadays, I get a teaching fee but on the other hand, if I donít get it, I feel unhappy. I donít think it is good to think it is usual to teach without fee. But, I feel sad that I have started to lose the feeling of promoting Go purely. Of course, I feel happy that the condition of teaching has been improved and the number of Go teacher has been increasing.

Blue sky game festival held in Main Street of the previous state of Dormo in Italy,Milan.

The camp of the game of go was done in Hungary.
The go board is brought in to the lake side, and it is sunbathing, go, and swimming.

My Go activities in Japan from now is not only going back to being a professional player but also helping promoting Go to overseas from Japan making good use of my experience in Europe. One of the activities is that I have accepted to be the Secretary-General of the International Go Federation (IGF) which has 68 country members in the world.

The main activity of IGF is the World Amateur Go Championship in which players from all over the world gather to play and trying to promote Go to Olympics which started about 3 years ago. In fact, I am not good at desk work but I am thinking of learning little by little and at the same time Iíd like to promote this wonderful game, Go, all over the world.

Also, Iíd like to do what I can do in Japan, for instance, letting exchange students in Japan know more about Go while they are in Japan and helping people who come to Japan to study Go from Europe. There is so much Iíd like to do. So, from next month, my page will be new and I will report my activities from Japan.

Game of go association that opened in garden of my home.

If I look back, my Go friends and my family who support me who knew nothing but Go have been there so I could continue doing activities till now. And I donít know how much Iíve learnt from everyone. All those days are my precious treasure. By the way, I am really sad to leave Mamma (my husbandís mother) and Go friends and a wonderful house in a forest. On the other hand, my husband who loves Japan is happy and planning to come to Japan a little later.

My new activities and life which will start is still unknown and I have anxiety, but I am thinking of enjoying the pursuit of my big dream. Everyone, please keep supporting me. See you soon.

It introduced the game of go in the elementary school in Germany. All eyes sparkle!

This "GO Friends Report " started !


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