PANDANET Europe Opening Event [ Administrator : Jan van der Steen ]
IGS PANDANET Special Event Play against a Professional!! Coming Saturday the 12th of June starting at 10:00 (CET) 
you can play against Hane Naoki, Kisei, Tengen on IGS!
Hane Naoki
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Sample of Panda-Egg

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Special guest:
Yamada Kimio 8-dan comments the game
during playing !!

An event wins a great success!
[ Hane Maoki Kisei,Tengen ]

  [ Yamada Kimio 8-dan ]  

The game record is here.
  • IGS members can give their proposal for the next move simply by clicking on the board.
  • Each move you have 45 seconds to make your proposal.
  • By that time the most frequently proposed move will automatically be played.

To make all this work you need one of the following clients :

検  討6月12日(土)15:00〜16:00(予定)
  • Hane Naoki will analyze the game
  • 「多数決対局」参加に関するご注意
    • Depending on the progress of the game the schedule might be subject to adjustments