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Internet 13x13 Amateur World Go Championship

Preliminary Rounds

How to start a game

  • Once connected to the Pandanet, enter the designated room. Games which are played in the wrong room will not count.
  • The games played in the tournament room will have automatic settings. Even if your opponent suggests another setting, just accept it since it will be overruled by Pandanet anyway.
  • Participants will play with the rating as of the day of the tournament. Your Pandanet rating is not affected by the games.
    Example: If your rank was 3k on May 22, your class is Class B. Even if your rank is raised to 2k during the tournament, your class is still Class B, but your rank is 2k and the handicap is decided according to that rank (that is, the current rank on the day of play).

When a game is interrupted

  • When a game is interrupted due to a broken network connection from one side or the other, the side breaking the connection must immediately reconnect and resume the game. When the connection is broken by your opponent, please wait 5 minutes for him or her to reconnect. If the opponent does not reconnect within 5 minutes, then the game is a win for the other player, regardless of the reason.
  • If both players are disconnected, the game is stored. The stored game will be "No game" if it does not restart within the period of the Preliminary Rounds.
  • In case you lose connection more than three times in a game, you automatically lose the game. If your "Ending points" becomes zero or below, you will automatically lose by one-time connection.

[ Details of Disconnection rules → ]

Reporting results

  • During the tournament, there will be a tournament page on the Pandanet website. This page will be automatically updated hourly. Participants don't need to report the results to the organizer.

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