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The 7th China - Korea - Japan Professional Pair Go Championship

winner is **Winner,
[ China ] Wang Chenxing 5-dan & Fan Tingwei 9-dan pair


The 7th China-Korea-Japan Professional Pair Go Championship
Date / Venue
May 1 (Wed) - 3 (Fri), 2019
Anhui Province, China
Chinese Weiqi Association, Anhui Province Sports Bureau, Hefei City People's Government
Special Cooperation 
World Pair Go Association
Japan Pair Go Association, Nihon Ki-in, Korea Baduk Association
Supporting Organizers
Hefei City Sports Bureau, Luyang District People's Government
Game Rules
The time limit is one hour. After its time limit of one hour has passed each pair will be given three 30-second periods of byoyomi before a time-out loss is declared.
Schedule ( GMT )
May 1 (Wed) May 2 (Thu) May 3 (Fri)
Opening Ceremony 1:30 am ~ First Rounds
7:30 am ~ Second Rounds
6:30 am ~ Final Round

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