Chapter 4. Playing on IGS-Pandanet

Table of Contents

Login to IGS-Pandanet
Observing a game
Playing a game
Finding an opponent
Receiving match requests
Seeking a game
Time systems
Pandanet style
Byoyomi style
Handicap games

Login to IGS-Pandanet

If you don't have an account on IGS-Pandanet yet, registration is quick and easy. To configure glGo to use your account, open the IGS account dialog in menu "Connection", "Setup account". Add a new entry and enter the name and password. If you have more than one accounts listed, select the one you wish to use for the next login. When done, close the dialog and you are ready to connect to IGS-Pandanet by clicking the button showing a small world ball in the toolbar of the IGS main window.

Without an own account, you can login as guest. This is the default setting in glGo, so if you never enter you account name and password in glGo, you will enter as guest account only. As guest, you can observe games but not play yourself, so registering a real account is highly recommanded.