Chapter 7. OpenGL Information

Table of Contents

Textures quality
Line antialiasing
Stone antialiasing
Scene antialiasing
Fast rendering
Stone quality
Simple marks
Multitexture marks


Textures are used for the stones and the goban. The white stones are overlayed with an image for a slight grain effect. The goban will always have a wooden texture, switching this off getting an orange board makes little sense. The stone textures can be disabled, resulting in plain black and white stones. This will improve performance, but the overall quality drops significantly. Probably in future versions disabled textures might be removed. Textures don't hurt the performance much, and they add quite a lot to the overall scene.

Textures quality

The texture quality can be set to low and high. When zooming in, the difference should be obvious. Low quality textures will appear blocky. When running in hardware mode, high quality textures do not drop performance much, so it is a good idea to use them. However, when running in software mode high quality textures are a speed killer, so for software mode it is highly recommended to switch to low quality. When the board is not zoomed in closely, the difference is not too noticeable.