Flags and comment

The GUI allows you to define customized flags, like "Escaper" or "Cool dude", and then assign these flags to a player both in glGo and the playermanager. Go to "Edit flags" in the playermanager to define up to 5 flags. You will then see checkboxes for each custom flag in the playerinfo dialogs of glGo and Playermanager. Please note a flag is stored as its number (1-5) in a player, so if you for example assign flag #1 as "Escaper" and set flag #1 in a player, then change flag #1 to "Cool dude", all players formerly flagged as "Escaper" are now "Cool dudes". You can use the filter choicebox in the first playermanager tab to get all players with certain flags set listed if you want to do some cleanups.

You can write a short comment about each player, this feature can be accessed from both glGo and Playermanager.

Cleaning up the player database will remove all players which are not friend or bozo, have no flags and no comment set.