Chapter 10. The player database

Table of Contents

Friends/Bozo list
Flags and comment
Games index
Installation notes

The playerdatabase is an extension implemented in Python and used as a sort of "plugin" (embedded python, to be exact) within glGo. It offers the friends/bozo list known from the Java gGo, the possibility to edit and assign custom flags and write a comments about a player. Additionally directories can be scanned for SGF files and all games of a certain player be looked up in the playermanager. A graph and win/loss statistics are created from this games collection.

Friends/Bozo list

There are several ways to access and edit the player database. From within glGo you can assign friend or bozo status to a player from a dialog, the playertable popup or the playerinfo dialog - just like in the Java gGo client. I do not plan to add much more to glGo itself. Instead there is a seperate application which will allow to edit and access the database in more detail, which is written in Python. Both glGo and the standalone GUI access the same database, you can edit it with the GUI while running glGo without problem as glGo will automatically detect if the database has been changed. There is also a simple Python commandline interface for the database, which might be useful for the terminal fans out there.