Installation notes

Both the Python GUI and commandline applications are bundled in the glGo installation. On Windows there are executables in the glGo installation folder and a link to the Playermanager GUI in the Start menu. On Linux you find the Python scripts in /usr/games.

These scripts included in the Linux version require Python and wxPython installed (wxPython for the GUI, commandline runs without wxPython). Most Linux users will have Python (you need it anyways to run glGo). Get wxPython from your distribution if you want to use the Playermanager GUI. You need wxPython 2.4 or above. Due to various differences between wxPython 2.4 and 2.5/2.6 the behaviour of the rank graph will not be the same. Using wxPython 2.5 or above is recommended.

The Windows glGo installer includes standalone executables which do not require Python or wxPython installed.

On Mac OS X Panther, which already comes with a full Python installation, the Playermanager will run out of the box.